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Don't Miss a Single Moment of Your Life

2Remember balances dwelling on the past, living for the moment and dreaming of the future in one app. The App makes sure you didn’t miss a single moment of your life and that of those around you.

Ocassionally, you come across pictures in some old photo album your mother keeps in the attic. It puts a smile on your face and take you back to these moments. Like that family vacation when you were seven, reminding you of the scar on your knee. You know, the one you got from jumping off the stairs too eagerly. Good times!

Relive The Moments!

Whether you’re planning a year abroad and want your friends to live voraciously through you. or you want your pregnancy to remind you to never have kids again, only to look back on that magical moment and to want to experience the whole thing all over again. The 2Remember app gives you the chance to relive the moments as well as live in them.

Special Moments

Use 2Remember as the time capsule where you can store a collection of your most prized memories.

My Journey

Document real-time journeys in your life. Best of all you can share these memories with friends and family.

Future Moments

Send a message to your future self and look back at your growth over time like a time capsule that you dig up at any given time.

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2Remembers wants to have memories more than just incidentally


"I'm at the first stages of dementia and the fear of losing myself led me to my use of 2Remember. The app allows me to look back at moments that i likely won't remember in the future."
Mela Stark
"My Erasmus year has been a blast so far and documenting my steps through the 2Remember app is a nice way to stay in touch with my home base."
Finn Styles
"My grandpa and I had a great bond. On his deathbed he told me to expect an E-mail every time I miss him. I look at the messages he left and laugh about his crazy humour. It's the way he wanted to be remembered."
Bailey Cruz
Imagine your children cleaning out the attic once you have passed and, picture them finding a secret box where you kept written letters and recordings of yourself. A capsule where you express your final wishes and tell your loved ones everything you didn’t dare to when you were alive. From your fears of missing out on their precious moments, to the pains of your illness you didn’t want to burden them with.

Imagine gifting the people you leave behind, the gift of closure. A story to remember you by, forever.

Meet The Founder

Founder - 2Remember App

Dexter Hardeveld

Dexter had 2Remember on-hold as he pursued different business endeavours, until his mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. He knew he had limited time with her and just as he was planning his own journey to move to South Africa, he decided to stay in Amsterdam. Evelien was adamant that she would survive and left nothing tangible behind, leaving Dexter without a chance for proper closure.

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